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In both the Junior and Senior playlists there is a warm up, stretches and a technical exercise that can be done each week. There is also a routine to be learnt and each week a new section will be uploaded and added.



FIRST HALF OF TERM (Junior 1 & Senior 1 playlist)

The Junior Routine is to 'Just Want To Have Fun' from the new Trolls movie and Senior Routine is 'Wish You Well' by Sigala. All 5 weeks of the routine are in the playlist for you to still enjoy.


SECOND HALF OF TERM (Junior 2 & Senior 2 playlist)

The new routines for the second half of term are 'One Call Away' by Charlie Puth for the Juniors and 'Together Again' by Janet Jackson for the Seniors.

Once you've practiced with Sam you can always find the song and dance it through on your own. You can always go back to the previous week to re-fresh your memory before learning the new section. If you would like to video yourself doing the routine and send it over, we would love to see it! 



There are extra warm ups, stretches, exercises and routines in the freestyle playlist for you to do at anytime. All the videos can be paused, rewound and watched as many times as you like.

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