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The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, founded in 1911 by Miss Italia Conti, is Britain’s oldest theatre arts training school. It is renowned throughout the world as a training center of excellence and is the only one to offer full-time courses at secondary, further and higher education levels. From the very beginning the Academy promoted multi-skilled training, believing the more opportunities offered to students, the wider the choice of options in the work place. This unique ethos set the standard for future generations and is now widely recognised and applied across the sector. 


The Theatre Arts secondary school also ensured children aged between 10 and 16 years not only progressed to student courses with the necessary vocational skills but also achieved highly academically, receiving excellent GCSE results and topping government league tables in the area.


The Italia Conti Academy's charitable Trust made provision for scholarships for gifted Associate school children to train at the full time Academy. This talent search, together with further scholarships from Trust for children and students has resulted in many hundreds of talented young people being able to train full time at the Academy in London and many more benefiting from part-time training. Many of these young people are now enjoying success in television, theatre, film and the music industry.


For more information on the history of Italia Conti please follow the link below: 

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